Video Interviews

Integrate your video interviewing tool with TalentLyft

Interviews are the most important part of every selection process. TalentLyft users schedule interviews with the candidates on a daily basis. Integrate your video interview tool with TalentLyft and let your users schedule their video interviews with candidates from TalentLyft’s talent pools.

Why bother integrating video interview tools with recruiting tools?

One of the most important parts of every recruiting process are interviews. Our users schedule meetings and interviews with candidates every day. Without integration, users that have both recruiting and video interview tools, scheduling video interviews would be much more complicated.

Users would have to leave one platform to go to another, and the whole process would be slower and less productive.

Automation and more streamlined process are what HR people are looking for. Therefore, integrate with TalentLyft and let your users access candidates from TalentLyft’s talent pools and set up video interviews.

Together, we can provide better experience to our users!

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