Authorization Types

To access the TalentLyft API, you'll need an access token. How you get this token depends on if your app is for your own usage or for the public's usage.
  • Use the given Access Token if you're using the API to access data in your own TalentLyft account.
  • Use OAuth if you're building a publicly-available app that accesses other people's TalentLyft data.

Basic Auth ﹣ TalentLyft customers

You'll need an Access Token if you want to use the API to access your own TalentLyft data – for example, if you use the API with your own scripts to get data from your TalentLyft account.

How to get your Access Token

Creating your Access Token is simple and you can get a Token with all scopes instantly (see below for more on scopes). To create your Access Token, visit the integration menu of the TalentLyft app.

Using Access Tokens

To use your Access Token simply provide it as part of the Authorization header when you make a request. TalentLyft API uses Bearer token for auhorization. This means you need to include the token in format Bearer <Access Token>.
For more info on the bearer token framework please see the official spec.

OAuth ﹣ Technology Partners

You should use OAuth if You are requesting access to other people's TalentLyft accounts/data (for example, through an integration you've built).
Never ask users for their Access Token
Asking your users for their Access Tokens rather than implementing OAuth is against our terms of service and may result in your API access being revoked.


Note that TalentLyft uses OAuth scopes to protect its API endpoints. OAuth scopes, or permissions, let you specify exactly how your application needs to access an TalentLyft customers’s account.
You should only specify the scopes you need to satisfy your use case and no more. Scopes are the most common reason that partner apps aren't approved when it comes to reviews.
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View events
Create and update candidates
Create and update jobs
Create and update departments
Create and update employees
Create and update account users
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