Job Boards

Integrate your job board with TalentLyft

Whether international or regional, Job Boards help companies to publicly notify that they're hiring. Job Boards are the main key to attracting plenty of candidates for a specific Job post. More candidates interested in a job role enhances chances to find the most qualified one.

Why bother integrating with recruiting tool?

Benefit your sales strategy and attract more users. TalentLyft helps various companies all around the world to find their ideal employees and build their perfect team. Become a part of our candidate selection process and integrate your job board with TalentLyft!

How does integration work?

To provide TalentLyft users to publish a job post on your job board, you will have to integrate with TalentLyft. We made sure to make this process easier as possible for you, as well as covering all formats most Job Boards prefer. You can choose one of the three options to complete the integration whether it is API, E-mail or XML. Whole process of integrating and its testing takes 10 days maximum.

Join the TalentLyft API Partner Program

To apply join the TalentLyft Partner Partner program or to gain deeper access to the API, complete the application form telling us about the product or service that you provide.

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