Background checks

Integrate your tool for background checks with TalentLyft

Background checks, similarly to assessment test, ensure hiring with more confidence and productivity. TalentLyft users perform background check every day. Integrate your background check tool with TalentLyft, and let your users perform background checks on candidates from TalentLyft talent pools.

Why bother integrating background check tools with recruiting tools?

Not having background check and recruiting tools integrated, makes the hiring process slower and less productive.

Integrating the two tools enables HR managers to access all the candidates’ data and contact information, and perform background checks from one place.

Since recruiting and background checking are two inevitable steps of every hiring strategy, it makes sense to make the process more streamlined and integrated. Letting your users perform background checks on TalentLyft’s talent pools would make the whole process less confusing and more enjoyable.

Together, we can provide better experience to our users!

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