HRIS & Onboarding

Integrate your HRIS & Onboarding tool with TalentLyft

Recruiting and onboarding are the two ends of every successful Talent Acquisition strategy. Most companies use both types of tools, and integrating them can make the HR professionals’ jobs more productive and more streamlined. Integrate your platform with TalentLyft and import hired candidates directly to your HRIS.

Why bother integrating HRIS and onboarding tools with recruiting tools?

Integrating HRSI and onboarding platforms with recruiting platforms make a lot of sense. Most of the companies today use both tools, and they just complement each other. After the selection process is done, candidates move to onboarding.

Without HRIS and recruiting tool integration, this flow would be interrupted and much more confusing than it should be.

By integrating your HRIS with TalentLyft, you will let your users import hired candidates directly from TalentLyft’s talent pools.

Every piece of candidates’ profiles can be imported to HRIS, which makes onboarding much easier, especially if you have different department that do recruiting and onboarding.

Together, we can provide better experience to our users!

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